Top Performance in Production for Secondary Power Distribution with Directional Parts   


Lucy Electric, a leading supplier of intelligent products and solutions for secondary power distribution, is committed to excellence and efficiency. Already equipped with two Peak Performer leveling machines in Dubai, Lucy Switchgear Arabia Ltd. in Dammam, Saudi Arabia, part of the Lucy Group, has now chosen the KOHLER 45P.900 part leveling machine. This addition has enabled them to work faster and more precisely, producing high-quality stainless steel switchgear cabinets with unsurpassed flatness and low stress.


At Lucy Electric, flatter and less stressful parts for enclosure construction mean better welding and assembly. That’s why they invested in the top-quality 45P.900 Peak Performer part leveling machine!


Lucy Electric needed a convenient and maintenance-friendly machine to ensure tight tolerances on their end products. They chose KOHLER for several reasons:


  • Intuitive operation via touch display 
  • Quick access to saved settings
  • Maintenance-friendly and energy-efficient without hydraulics
  • Flatness tolerance of up to 0.1 mm/m for perfect results
  • Insensitive to temperature fluctuations
  • Capable of leveling material with widths up to 900 mm and thicknesses up to 9.5 mm
  • Equipped with an air conditioning system


Niranjan Sankar, Global Operations Excellence Manager at Lucy Dubai, emphasizes: "We are very satisfied with our KOHLER part leveling machine. The machine concept, price-performance ratio, and optimum results have convinced us."